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Learn more about what Women Recover can do for you

At Women Recover, our biggest wish is for every woman to receive the high-quality, state-of-the-art treatment they need to fully recover from addiction or alcoholism.

Our experienced and understanding staff will work diligently to provide you or your loved one with affordable payment options so you can receive proper treatment. Sliding scale fees are also available. Call today to get started.

Why Choose Women Recover?

  • A safe and proven medical approach
  • Integrated Treatment (substance addiction & mental health issues)
  • Compassionate, medically-monitored detox
  • One on one’s with a personal therapist
  • Physician-directed medication management

Education and Specialized Services

  • Diverse groups like healthy boundaries, anger management, etc.
  • Education and recovery coaching to avoid future relapse
  • Dual recovery self-help education
  • Sober escort and travel support services
  • Professional interventions
  • Helpful alternative sentencing and pretrial intervention
New life


Community Family Therapy

  • Family groups as well as individual family counseling available
  • Relief and recovery groups for chronic relapse and addiction
  • Supportive, active and empowering peer mentoring program

A Variety of Therapy Options

  • Yoga and massage therapy available upon request
  • Expressive arts and music therapy
  • Fitness and wellness facilities
  • Outdoor therapy and sober fun activities

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