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Hear Some of Our Success Stories

Women Recover has helped many women overcome their addictions, alcoholism and other hardships. Take a look at the stories of these courageous women.

Meet Jessi

Meet Jessi

 Jessi was a child living in circumstances that no child should have to live in. The conditions of her dysfunctional home forced her to stay with her grandmother.

Jessi loved her grandmother and felt safe with her, but her new living conditions were no better. At a young age, Jessi was introduced to drugs and prostitution by the woman she loved and trusted; her own grandmother.

“I’ve been a drug addict and alcoholic for over 20 years," says Jessi, now a grown woman" and I was addicted to the streets as much as the drugs. My first encounter with God was when I was in jail, and if convicted, I could have done a life sentence. 

I prayed and asked God to show himself to me, to let me know He was real. A week later, the charges were dropped.

I’ve been incarcerated most of my life and now I’m finally free, Free from the system, free from the bondage of addiction and free in Christ. 

I was in an abusive relationship with man that I could never get away from until he got locked up for murder. 

I’m reunited with my family, son and because of Women Recover, I had been given the proper diagnosis and the tools to be a woman of God and a productive member of society. I’ll have 18 months clean next month.”

Jessi has shared her story with various church groups and others to educate people and bring hope to those who have suffered from similar living conditions.

Thanks to the treatment she received at Women Recover, Jessi is finally able to live her dream of owning her own nail salon, Addicted To Nails. She has God in her life, has been given a sense of self-worth and is truly a changed woman and an inspiration to others.

Meet Shaun

Meet Shaun

 Shaun came to Women Recover for treatment in 2013, and since then many wonderful things have been restored to Shaun's life - including being reunited with her two boys and being given the chance to be the loving mom she is today.

For the last three years, Shaun has had a successful career where she is thriving, loves her life and is strong in her faith in God.

Meet Aqua

Meet Aqua

Aqua came to Women Recover in 2012, ready to end a life of pain and suffering.

Since her treatment, Aqua has worked for Women Recover in different capacities since her graduation from the program. 

She is now the Office Manager for the Recovery House, and loves that she is working to help women regain their strength and hope and become the women they truly are.

“Physical and mental dependency on prescription drugs lead to jail, and facing prison" Aqua says, "Women Recover helped through God and counseling, and coping/esteem building groups to build my self-esteem & self-image to become the strong independent woman I am today. 

Some of the things I appreciate most of LTF are the spiritual aspect, not forcing but helping to first gain knowledge of God, His love, and Power, then through wisdom to find understanding. 

Also LTF has become a part of me and I am a part of it. Women Recover, much like the story in the book of Jonah, swallowed me up out of the sea of despair and addiction which had consumed me completely and lead me ashore where I found God waiting for me and this not only saved my life but gave me a brand new life of love and joy! 

I now have purpose and positive direction for my life and am blessed with the task of helping other women to achieve their goals and maintain recovery through Christ.”

Meet Nikki

Meet Nikki

 Since coming to Women Recover, Nikki has become an inspiration and mentor to many women. She has blessed with a life she could never have imagined.

Her voice is gentle and engaging, yet powerful and determined. The voice of a determined young lady and a true survivor.

“I grew up with mental illness," she says, "my mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and my father was manic depressive and bipolar. 

I found drugs at age 13. I used because it numbed my pain and for a moment every now and then I was able to escape the chaos that surrounded me. I gave away job after job, home after home. I walked the streets barefooted, hid in bushes, slept on benches and threw away every relationship I had. 

I was in and out of institutions, rehab and jail. I had also snapped mentally and began experiencing the hallucinations and delusions my mother did.

Finally, a pivotal moment in my life occurred when I became pregnant and was picked up by Women Recover in 2013. I finally wanted to give myself a chance, I might have first stayed because of the baby that was growing inside me but there was a part of me too that just didn’t want the street life anymore. 

During recovery, I gave my daughter to a wonderful Christian family and my father passed away. But I was getting better and stronger with each passing day.

I gained a career in insurance, a field I never thought I would enjoy so much, and married an amazing man who supports me every step of the way. 

God delivered me from mental illness, addiction, homelessness, spiritual deficiency and so much more and in replacement, gifted me with joy, love, peace and contentment. The best gift of all is my relationship with the Lord, who on a daily basis, I get to better know.”

Inspiring Success Stories
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